Our Mission

The Women's Center at City Tech promotes a community that is equitable, safe, and supportive for women and that celebrates their diversity of experiences and achievements. We accomplish this through our programs, activities and collaborations that inspire, educate and empower.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Wednesday, March 24, 2010 The Women’s Center at City Tech celebrated its grand opening. This day-long event included three key events under the theme “Women’s Work is Never Done”. City Tech Provost Bonne August and VP Armoza kicked off the energy breakfast to a room of students, staff and faculty. In the afternoon, Margo Belton a nutrition and fitness expert engaged students, staff and faculty in a healthy snack-as-energy source mini-series of self-assessments. At the end of the day President Hotzler welcomed the large group of students, staff and faculty and expressed his support of The Women’s Center and acknowledged the efforts of VP Armoza. Dr. Marta Effinger-Crichlow, Professor of African-American Studies shared her narrative about how women inspire, educate and empower each other. The day ended with the formal ribbon cutting at the Center with President Hotzler, VP Armoza, Evita Belmonte, SGA President and Valrine Daley, Coordinator of The Women’s Center.

To date The Women’s Center has established signature programs like the TEA & TALK series that brings together alumna, staff and faculty serving as mentors, coaches and facilitators for these student centered career trajectory conversations. Other programs collaborate with existing student service programs like the LOOK & FEEL BETTER series where students work with professionals from The Counseling Services Center and The Wellness Center is a self-assessment, discussion and tools model. The GROW Workshop series aims to provide students with access to and personal understanding of critical professional development topics. In addition to the expressed student interest many staff have requested similar programming. To see more photos visit our photo gallery.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to The Women's Center at City Tech blog!

We thought you might have some questions about The Women's Center. In our first post we've given some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Why does New York City College of Technology need a Women’s Center?

NewYork City College of Technology strongly believes in achieving and sustaining gender equity for women through support programs like the Women’s Center that help the College maintain an equitable, welcoming place for women. Everyone benefits when all students, faculty and staff feel valued and are allowed to contribute to their fullest extent. The Women’s Center helps the College be an energizing place for everyone by supporting and creating a sense of community for women, collaborating with faculty and staff in the education of the campus community about equity and related issues, the contributions of women, and advocating for women’s full access to and participation in the college community.

2. So, what is gender equity?

Gender equity in an educational setting means an equal chance at learning for females and males, with equal access to learn subjects and prepare for future education, jobs and careers without expectations based on gender. Equal motivation for all to develop, achieve and learn is essential equitable treatment and is required by law. These principles also apply in the workplace and impact staff and faculty.

3. Okay, what does the Women’s Center do?

The Women’s Center’s mission is to provide programs, activities and resources that empower, educate, inspire and benefit all. We serve faculty, staff, alumnae, students and other community members through collaborative efforts, referrals for support and services on and off campus. See our calendar of events and programming on our webpage.

4. Hmmm, why isn’t there a men’s center?

Very few schools have men’s centers because it’s generally recognized that men already have full access to educational and employment opportunities as required by law. While campus-based women’s centers are set up to help colleges and universities be better places for women. The Women’s Center at New York City College of Technology encourages men’s involvement in its programs and seeks their active support of our work.